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Terry Campbell USMC

Terry Campbell USMC

Posted By: Mark Dakota on April 22, 2007, 12:06 am   Delete  |  Edit

This is a friend from myspace and his daughter. This picture is truly worth a thousand words!

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"this picture says it all-so touching-it looks like it should be in a museum!"
388 weeks ago.
"This is truely the cutest picture ever! You can see how much he loves his lil one. "
388 weeks ago.
Merinda S
"This pic truely shows your dedication. To have to leave this beautiful young girl and fight against terrorism!! Thank you for your service and God Bless. May you return home safely. Merinda S. Kettering, OH"
388 weeks ago.
"This is such an awesome picture!!!! May God bless you "
388 weeks ago.

"this is an absolutely beautiful picture! thank you so much for your service! your sacrifices aren't going unnoticed. - Proud Navy Wife "
388 weeks ago.
"What an amazing picture! God Bless! Stay safe and thank you! --Proud Marine Wife"
388 weeks ago.
Stephanie Crawford
"A little girl who certainly loves her daddy...May he come home to her soon."
388 weeks ago.
"This picture is perhaps one of the most touching pictures I have seen in my entire life. Thank you for serving this country. ~Proud USAF Wife~"
388 weeks ago.
"I love this picture, it is so real! I got so teary-eyed when I saw this picture! It speaks the reality that soldiers have to face when they are deployed! Come home soon Marine!"
389 weeks ago.
"I broke down in tears when I saw this picture..I can't and don't even want to have to imagine the heartbreak you were going through saying "goodbye" to such an angel...I'll pray every day her Daddy returns home safely to hold her in his arms..God Bless you and your loved ones..Thank you for serving our country.."
389 weeks ago.
"This picture really touches my heart .....:("
389 weeks ago.
"I adore this picture. There's nothing worse than leaving a little one behind, I can't imagine how it feels. Thanks for everything that you do!"
389 weeks ago.
"This Pic brought tears to my eyes,Thank you for everything that you are doing.God Bless you and your family..Come home soon marine"
389 weeks ago.
"This picture speaks volumes about the sacrifices our troops make for our freedom!!! Tell your friend thank you!!!"
389 weeks ago.
"This is such a CUTE picture!"
389 weeks ago.
MaryAnn Veneziano
"This is probably the most beautiful yet heart breaking picture...thank you so much for everything you do! our prayers are with everyone...god speed."
389 weeks ago.
Sally Jo Abney
"I love this picture. Makes me very proud. Thank you. "
390 weeks ago.
"I love this picture, it is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.... Make sure to tell him , Thank you..... "
390 weeks ago.
390 weeks ago.
"What a beautiful picture!!!!! Truely Priceless!!!"
390 weeks ago.
Charles Turner
""Have a son on his 2and tour a medvac pilot our prayers are with you!!!!"Thank you for your service!!!""
390 weeks ago.
"amazing picture!"
390 weeks ago.
"Heart touching,this is why I thank God for every moment with my family,Thank you for your service!!"
391 weeks ago.
"I love this pic, it show hoew much our troops give up to keep us all safe. God Bless each and everyone. Stay safe ....Thank you "
391 weeks ago.
Lynda Webster
"God bless our troops and keep them safe. Semper Fi~ (Proud Marine/WIA mom from TN)"
391 weeks ago.
"What a beautiful picture!!!!! Priceless!!! Thank your friend for his service to our Country. A Proud Airborne Mom"
391 weeks ago.

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