'Soldier' and 'Fallout' written and performed by Mark Dakota

Post anyone that has served in the U.S. Military past or present.
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He is in the Marines

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"Hey Baby I Love You soooo Much & Miss You already...Be Safe baby & we all will see you when you get home!!!then we can do everything we have planned...I love you baby I'll be right here waiting for you *Forever & Always* Your Wifey Janessa Kay I Love You Baby BE SAFE"
394 weeks ago.
"Matty, I love you and already miss you!! Can't wait til you come back!! We support yall!! Kick their asses and hurry we gotta play beer pong!!! I LOVE YOU BABE!!!"
394 weeks ago.
"Heyy Sexy.. i miss u AND ILOVEYOU ALOTTTTT x9000000000000000000000000000000000000000 cant wait till u get home for good and we can go do something together!! so yea YOU ARE PROMISING ME THAT YOU ARE COMING HOME!!!!! i support u all! love ya baby!"
394 weeks ago.
"Heyy i miss you!! and LOVE YOU ALOTTTT! Be Safe and cant wait until u comme home for good!! ♥Kori"
394 weeks ago.
aunt shawn
"i love u and miss u baby.support our family who fights for your freedom...... be safe,and strong "
394 weeks ago.
Dylon Farrell
"we support u even if u don't know who i am i support all of u best f luck to u all"
394 weeks ago.

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