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SGT Andrew Caine Perkins (K.I.A.)

SGT Andrew Caine Perkins (K.I.A.)

Posted By: Elizabeth Perkins on April 22, 2007, 6:41 pm   Delete  |  Edit

Andrew "Drew" you were the quite the soldier/man. Your dad and I are so proud of you. You are not only our HERO, but you were everyone's HERO. Thank you my soldier for trying to save anothers life. The whole USA thanks you for giving it your best shot to save lives. God Bless you my son. Your dad and I miss you so very much. You were everyone's friend, helper, a sincere man who cared for others, peace maker, a joy to be around, as you were always happy and could cheer anyone up, just like your dad. You would have made some woman very happy and you would have made a great dad, just like your dad, (your Hero). All I can say son, is that you are America's HERO now. Just wish you could have been a hero and come home in a different way, with the hugs and kisses, and all the stories, so that we could hear your laughfter once again. Have fun in heaven for we will meet you there one day and rejoice. Love, Momma

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pam aka/GrMa Pam
"Thank you Drew for your service. Thank you to your family and friends as well. You are now an angel and I am sure you are looking down on all of us and still protecting us. You are a true hero and you will NEVER be forgotten."
397 weeks ago.
"Thank you for all you've done and are doing..u are in my prayers"
397 weeks ago.
Brenda Pound
"GOD BLESS and Thankyou from my family to you and your family for what you have done for our country and others "
397 weeks ago.
"Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice, Sir. I never knew you personally, but, I would just like to say "Thank You" on behalf of myself, my family, and my church, and my community. Rest In Peace."
397 weeks ago.
Barbara, army mom
"I think this answers the question as to where have all the good men gone? Bless you, and your family. I am so sorry this happened, let's get our people home soon!"
398 weeks ago.
Ian Read
"Thank you, you gave the ultimate sacrifice for free people the world over, with the rising of the sun and the setting of the sun, we will remember them. Father of a serving UK soldier in Iraq."
399 weeks ago.
"More than words can say...Your Courage...Your Dedication...Your Patriotism...Is appreciated each and every day. Thank you for upholding the nations pride. God Bless You! In honor of Sgt. Richard L Ford. I love u and miss u!"
399 weeks ago.
Nakai Rupp
"I didn't know you at all.... I stumbled upon this photo, clicked on it and cried. Thank you for your sacrifice!!"
402 weeks ago.
Sarah F.
"I am so sorry for the loss of your son. He is a true American Hero, and will never be forgotten. God Bless him, and I thank him for his ultimate sacrifice he gave for his country."
403 weeks ago.
"Your son is a true hero. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family."
403 weeks ago.
" My prayers are with you and your family"
403 weeks ago.
"l keep you all prayers you will see him some day god is good too all of us"
404 weeks ago.
"I do not know your son, but I do see he was a Paratrooper like my son is who is currently serving in Baghdad, Iraq now. I can not imagine the pain you must be feeling, my heart aches for you. God Bless you and your family!!!!!!"
404 weeks ago.
Natascha Myer
"Andrew, I miss you more and more everyday....until we meet again! RIP"
405 weeks ago.
Danielle USAF Wife
"Rest in peace. Thank you for your service, you will NEVER be forgotten!"
405 weeks ago.
Jen Meir
"Andrew, We miss you and think of you often. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten. Theresa and Sophia talk about you often and miss playing tornado with you. I wish you were here!!! You and all of our brave soldiers will always be my heroes. "
405 weeks ago.
"As a Military fiance, I can truly say thank you so very much for all you have given to your country. You're a hero to us all! God Bless you and your family!"
406 weeks ago.
Wanda Keith
"I didn't know you, but I know this. You are indeed a HERO and I pray God will give your family strength, grace, and more peace than they could have imagined. I know my freedoms are mine because of the heroism of brave men and women like you. Rest in peace."
406 weeks ago.
"I don't know you at all.. but I know my son is headed there now... and I pray for all of them and your family"
406 weeks ago.
Stacy Tipton
""Thanks for the ultimate service you gave to all of us. As a wife of a soldier, I personally say 'Thanks for a job well done' and my thoughts and prayers go to those whose lives you touched and to your family for you gave all, not just some. The world lost a great person but Heaven gained a GREAT SOLDIER."
406 weeks ago.
natascha myer
"Andrew, I can't even tell you how very much I miss you. My heart is so heavy and the only thing that consoles me is knowing you are looking down at us. You truly are a hero. "
406 weeks ago.
Stephanie Crawford
"I can't imagine the sense of loss and sadness your family must be going though, but they were lucky to have been blessed by your life while it was spent with them. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service. It was far too soon for you to go, but may you take care of your family now from where you are..."
406 weeks ago.
Rebecca Gorman
"I know quite a few soldiers that have been KIA and i know that you are with them keeping the street of heaven safe, i know that i am honored to have walked the earth with people of your valor and I am so grateful. Thank you for giving your everything! Rest in Peace"
406 weeks ago.
Pat (TxLadyAngler)
"Dear Heavenly Father - please pull Andrew close to you and keep him near your heart. Let him feel the love and admiration we have for his sacrifice. I did not know Andrew, although he gave his life for my safety and freedom - he is a true hero."
407 weeks ago.

"God Bless your family. There is no way for me to thank you enough for raising such a brave man. From my family to yours, Thank you all."
407 weeks ago.
Brittney Murray
"I didn't know Perkins very well but he died with my fiance, Justin Rollins. I'm comforted by the fact that Andrew is up there with Justin right now. Rest in peace Perkins - I can't wait to be up there with Justin and all you guys, it'll be like the barracks all over again. God Bless our Heros. "Who better to guide the streets of heaven?""
408 weeks ago.
Charles Turner
"""Thank you for your service!!!"You are a true HERO god bless your family for the scrifice you made!!!!" I have a son medavc pilot CW2 Turner serving his 2nd tour in Iraq."
408 weeks ago.
Ian Read
""God Bless, words can't ever express how much you have lost and the pain you must be feeling, I pray for you and your family. Ian Read, Father of Christopher Read a serving British Soldier in Iraq." "
408 weeks ago.
"We are honored and humbled by brave men like Sgt Perkins. God bless, he will not be forgotten. (Proud Marine/WIA mom from TN)"
409 weeks ago.
409 weeks ago.

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