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Capt Andrew Bauer USMC

Capt Andrew Bauer USMC

Posted By: his loving wife on September 11, 2007, 8:27 pm   Delete  |  Edit

Andrew is with 1/11 and has left for his second deployment. He is the love of my life and we are all so proud of what he has accomplished. "I can do all things through He who gives me strength." PHIL. 4:13 Get Some MARINES!!

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"Thinking of you and thank you for serving. America is proud of you and so am I. "
286 weeks ago.

"Thank you for everything you do for our country!!! God bless you and your in my prayers!! "
294 weeks ago.
Shelley Weber Olympi
"Yea for American and Iraq!! We've come a long way and you guys have made a difference in millions of other people's lives!! On behalf of America, THANK YOU!!!!"
327 weeks ago.
dan j fisher
"Good luck my Marine Brother... Thanks and come home safely.. "
346 weeks ago.
Primitivo Garcia
"SEMPER FI !!!!!!!!!!"
372 weeks ago.
"God Bless You, Andrew. You remain in our prayers along with your loved ones here at home. We are so PROUD of all of you! GODS SPEED! Elizabeth and MAJ T. Long (RET - USMC/USAR)"
373 weeks ago.
"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all you do, it's the men and women like you that make us all proud!!! You are a true hero in my eyes, May God bless you and your family!!!"
374 weeks ago.
"Dearest Andrew: I havent met you, but, I wish you much luck and prayers .. When you are down and depressed, just think of one of your most pleasant thoughts... Go to bed, close yours eyes, close out all of the noise of the war and think of that special moment... We maynot like the war, but, we do support all of you great men for your protection of our country. ciao Andrew tc."
377 weeks ago.
a servant
"My family and I praying in the name of Christ, that His Spirit fills you and your family with peace, a peace not of man but everlasting, in knowing that His Salvation is upon us. Notwithstanding what man can do to us, in Christ we are sure of victory and everlating life. Hence death, we pray not but if and when it comes, is a transition, not an end but a destination to a long vivid radiant super party... the place to be, of course, by invitation only!!! Merry Christmas and thank you, for their is no greater gift than a man that puts his life for another... God bless!"
378 weeks ago.
"Thinking of you during the holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday. Miss you!"
378 weeks ago.
"God bless you and keep you safe, thank you!"
380 weeks ago.
"thank you for doing this for us. god bless"
381 weeks ago.
"Thank You!!! Be Safe!!! And God Bless YOU!!!"
381 weeks ago.
Sonja A
"Thank-you for protecting America. You are our hero. God Bless. :) ¢¾"
381 weeks ago.
"Stay safe and God bless! You are in my prayers..."
385 weeks ago.
sonny mcclamrock
"Hello Sir. Thank you for your service and commitment to this fight for freedom. Lord give him, peace, strength and hope for tomorrows battles. police detective TX. "
387 weeks ago.
"Congratulations Andrew on your recent promotion. Love you, miss you and always thinking of you! "
390 weeks ago.
Jackie Ramirez
"THANK YOU!! and may God bless you always. a military wife"
391 weeks ago.
"Hugs from an appreciative Mom in Georgia. God bless."
396 weeks ago.
"Andrew, I don't know you but I wanted you to know that I am proud of you and what you represent. God speed soldier. Be safe and thank you for your service. (a navy wife)"
396 weeks ago.
Meredith, Andrew's v
"God Bless my Marine, and keep him safe, whether in air, on land, or on the sea. God bless my Marine, and bring him safely home. God bless my Marine, when I am not by his side, please let him know I love him, and let him feel my pride. And when he does come home, and better days are seen, I'll always thank you God, for blessing my Marine. Amen. I miss and love you Babe. Semper Fi!!"
397 weeks ago.
Paris age 11
"A great big AMERICAN Thank you .......god bless and come home soon."
397 weeks ago.
"Thank you for your service,May God bless you and keep you."
397 weeks ago.
"Thank you for your service. Be safe... God Bless You"
397 weeks ago.
Margarita Cantu (ARM
397 weeks ago.
"Thank you! Sorry you have to do the "dirty work". God Bless you!"
397 weeks ago.
Proud Army Daughter
"THANK YOU!!!! God bless you and keep you safe till you come home!"
397 weeks ago.
Taylor Sappington
"No matter what the media says. No matter what the politicians say. It doesnt matter. I know our soldiers are doing your best and preforming the duties your country has called upon you. I cant put into words how much i thank you and how grateful i am. People forget about 9-11 or about our soldiers overseas. I'm proud to say im not one of them. May god grant you safety and a wonderful reception when you return :)"
397 weeks ago.
Laurie Hartzler
"I want to send you a big THANK YOU from Michigan! Do good things, and be safe!"
397 weeks ago.
Keith and Bonnie Adk
"Thank YOU!!! We pray for our men and women that fight for our freedom. May God keep you safe and return home to your family ! Look forward to that ! In Jesus' name we pray ! AMEN We are from Elkkton , Maryland and if you ever feel like emailing, it is justhisway@hotmail.com Have a great day ! :)"
397 weeks ago.

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