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Jesse Rongey

Jesse Rongey

Posted By: A Friend on May 26, 2007, 5:54 am   Delete  |  Edit


the REAL anonymous
"to annonymous things like what "supposedly" happened to jesse happen alot today because parents of naive little teenage girls let them wear heavy makeup and sexy clothes so they don't look young and innocent but look like 20 something "hoes" and I still don't think it should be called molestation when the girls are willing and a lot of times they are the aggressors. P.S. you misspelled your name signed the REAL anonymous"
108 weeks ago.
Juliann Tibbetts
"I notice that the last comment was made by a coward who felt the need to hide... Jesse isn't a dishonor to this country he was a brave soldier who stood his ground and took everything the war handed him. Just as he was as a soldier he is as a man, he didn't run and hide he stood his ground and accepted his punishment. I'm proud of you Jess and I love you Forever, Soul Deep"
232 weeks ago.
"This Jesse Rongey is a child molester. He should be removed from this site. He is a dis honor to the United States Military and to all who have served her proudly."
282 weeks ago.
Gardner Cole
"I knew Jesse when him & I were growing up, if I am thinking of the same Jesse. He sure does look the same, but I haven't seen him since the 5th grade... Did this Jesse grow up in Fayette, Missouri? If anyone knows, please contact me at gjc [at] midmoappraisal [dot] com Thank you!"
347 weeks ago.

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