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Everett Franklin Dilley

Everett Franklin Dilley

Posted By: Sharon Elaine Dilley Halterman on May 20, 2007, 2:38 am   Delete  |  Edit

Served 1943-1965

"<3 Rest In Peace Daddy <3"
16 weeks ago.
"It has been 46 years..I love you Daddy & miss you so very much..the pain of your loss is still as sharp today as it was all those years ago..you are always loved & never forgotten."
36 weeks ago.
"I love you Daddy..you have been gone 46 years & the pain is as bad today as it was 46 years ago..I miss you so much..You are forever in my heart & never forgotten!! "
36 weeks ago.
"I love and miss you so much Daddy. "
223 weeks ago.
Norm - your nephew
"I still miss you Uncle Frank It's amazing how much this picture looks like my dad Bob, "
376 weeks ago.
"Daddy you are always in my heart and I'll never forget you Happy Birthday."
404 weeks ago.
"God Bless our veterans!"
406 weeks ago.
Lynda Webster
"God bless our veterans, we are thankful for their service and the sacrifices they made. They are not forgotten. ~Semper Fi~ Proud Marine-WIA Mom from TN "
406 weeks ago.
"Thank You Daddy! I love, miss, & will never forget you. Even though you have been gone so long,(39 yrs) you live forever in my heart!"
406 weeks ago.

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