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Post anyone that has served in the U.S. Military past or present.
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William Green

William Green

Posted By: Mom on April 23, 2007, 12:33 am   Delete  |  Edit

Currently stationed @ FOB Loyalty in Downtown Bagdad, Iraq. Now for an additional 3 long months. We love and miss you, Billy. Cookie & Mom

Thank you...get back
"It's because of people like you that we enjoy our freedom. Know that you are loved and cherished by family and strangers. May God be with you and may you come back home safely to your loved ones. Here's where you can find me: myspace.com/zip90210. I just learned last Thursday I'll be playing opposite Robert De Niro...I am very excited. I just want to give something back and tell you I love you for your selfless service."
380 weeks ago.
matos family, nj
"i wish there were other words than thank you. remember to stay as strong and brave as you are and come home to that beautiful family. this country salutes you and will never forget what you do every day."
380 weeks ago.
"Hugs from an appreciative Mom in Georgia. God bless."
395 weeks ago.
"William, I don't know you but I wanted you to know that I am proud of you and what you represent. God speed soldier. Be safe and thank you for your service. (a navy wife)"
395 weeks ago.
Carmen Hullett
"Thank you for everything you're doing. Even though we've never met, you have no idea how much you are appreciated. May God bless you and your family and bring you home safely."
396 weeks ago.
"God bless you & your family. We continue to pray for your safety. Words cannot express our gratitude. Be safe!"
396 weeks ago.
"thankyou "
396 weeks ago.
"I just want to thank you for everything that you are doing for this country!! Without people like you..Where would we be?"
396 weeks ago.
"Thank you young man for giving all of us our freedom. You are a blessing to all of us. My family is praying for your safe return to your wonderful family. Thank you for everything you do."
397 weeks ago.
T/Sgt. Ret. P.T More
"Proud of you for serving our country, I served in the USAF for 20 years, lost a 19 year old nephew in Vietnam, and a brother inlaw that lost both legs in Vietnam, so I know the feeling of being away from home, my prayers are with you and your family wherever you are, thank you for serving our country, and God bless. "
397 weeks ago.
"How do you thank someone for giving you your freedom? I am trying to find a way..... How do you thank someone for making you feel safe? I am looking for a way.... How do you thank someone for putting their life at risk to protect you? Will I ever find a way???? How do you thank the families whose husbands, wives, daughters or sons are away from home?? I pray I find a way!!! How do you say you`re sorry to the families who have lost loved ones to war??? God please, show me a way!!! How can I show my respect and appreciation to all who have served? I want to find a way! How do I tell you that I am sincerely honored to have you as a friend? I hope I found a way. God bless you and your family! Come home soon!!!"
397 weeks ago.
Jessica Stanford
"Thank you for your service! I pray that God will guide you home safely to your family."
401 weeks ago.
Sarah F.
"Thank you for your service. Return home safe."
403 weeks ago.
"l am prayers with you and more """""
404 weeks ago.
"God Bless You"
406 weeks ago.
Stephanie Crawford
"Stay strong for another 3 months! You'll be home soon safe and sound and Baghdad will just be another memory. Stay safe and sane in all the craziness there. Thank you for serving..."
406 weeks ago.
Howe Family in FL
"Words cannot express our gratitude! Thank you so much for putting everything you have into it. God Bless You and please make it home safely. Looks like you have a great family waiting for you!"
408 weeks ago.
Richard Smith
"Thanks for serving your country. Please stay safe and come home to your family."
409 weeks ago.

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