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SFC Gregory S. Rogers (K.I.A.)

SFC Gregory S. Rogers (K.I.A.)

Posted By: Sandi on April 22, 2007, 3:07 am   Delete  |  Edit

Greg was serving his 3rd tour in Iraq when he was killed on 09 April, 2006. Greg's wife had died only a few months earlier after a long battle with diabetes. Greg leaves behind two beautiful girls, which he loved more than life itself. Whitney, 21 and Chelsea 16. All of us love and miss him more than words could ever convey. He is a true hero. We love you Greg!

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Spc Frederick
"Hey sarge its your gunner Frederick we were together on that night god took you away and I wanted to let you know not a day goes by that I dont think about you gone but not forgotton we formed a brotherhood in ramadi rest in peace my brother"
78 weeks ago.
"Greg was my squad leader in Alaska, We had some good times together, I salute you my friend "
207 weeks ago.
"thank you for being a hero god bless you "
217 weeks ago.
Kristina Laux
"Thank you for being such a hero! I may not know you but I thank you and your family and I will keep them in my prayers!"
366 weeks ago.
anita ellis
" my heart go out to the family of this hero and you will always be in my family's prayers."
372 weeks ago.
376 weeks ago.
Estela Villarreal
"Dear Greg, your a wonderful man and i pray for you and all of you that are out there keeping us safe and sound. You are a hero. I dont know you but i cant wait till you come home to your family. I love you ."
378 weeks ago.
"You gave the greatest sacrifice your life but you will live on in the hearts of your children....May God Bless you & thank you for everything you did....hugsssss "
380 weeks ago.
"Thank you for your sacrifice, R.I.P. Brother"
381 weeks ago.
Sandi Rogers
"Greg, tonight I am missing you so much. We all miss you more than words could ever convey. I take comfort in the kind words and appreciation expressed by those below. It is a nice feeling to know that your sacrifice was not in vein and the people of this country appreciate what you (and so many others) have done. We LOVE and MISS you so much. God speed. Tears and hugs, love Sandi. "
385 weeks ago.
"I can never in my whole life ever find the words to express how sorry I am ,and how proud I am to be an ameican because of you Greg s. Rogers..You are a true Hero in my eyes. I am crying because of the fact that you had already been there twice and I feel it is a fricken shame you had to go back for yet another tour...I salute you Greg Thank you very much sir..I bow down...May god bless you...and your girls always"
390 weeks ago.
Jackie Ramirez
"Im so very sorry for your loss girls, my prayers will be with you. I have learned to really appreciate all these real life HEROES do for us. I recently married my true life hero. He also is serving his second tour in the middle east. Please help me pray for him, and all that so proudly and unselfishly serve our country and defend us and keep us in a safe country, sometimes giving there all, like your FATHER. May god bless you and give you the strength and courage to go on. simply a military wife."
391 weeks ago.
"Oh, my! God Be with you Whitney and Chelsea. I am so sorry for both of your losses. Thank God everyday for your father, a Hero! THANK YOU SPC ROGERS for the ultimate sacrafice! "
394 weeks ago.
"GOD bless you Greg! Your girls are in my prayers! "
395 weeks ago.
mary army mom
"dig in girls and find the courage that both your mom and dad had take comfort that they are together watching out for you both and that there are people that will always remember the sacrifice you have all made for us god bless you "
395 weeks ago.
Mike West
"Greg, I hope God lets you read the wonderful words written by these great Americans thanking you for your gift. I can only write that I thank you for what you did for our country and for my family. God bless you Greg, and say hi to Christ for me. "
396 weeks ago.
"Dear God please bless this family, my heart go out to the family of this hero and you will always be in my family's prayers. I recently lost my son in Afghanistan. To Whitney and Chelsea, be brave and lean on each other always .Your parents are now looking out for both of you from above. "
396 weeks ago.

"All gave some, some gave all". These words are just as true today as they were 10, 20 or even 50 years ago. Thank you SFC Rogers, for giving the ultimate sacrifice for your Country, your family and the people that live here. We must have something really special here in America, for people like Bin Ladin and the liberals in Washington to want to destroy it. I am proud of every person that is represented on this site. I am proud of their familys. I am proud of my Country. I am especially proud to be the father of my son, who is currently deployed in Afghanistan. I am proud of him and the guys in his unit, the 2/138th FA. GOD be with them and all of our troops that watch over us. They have our backs, watch theirs. You know their needs and you know all of our hearts."
396 weeks ago.
""I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are what I call, the true Hero. God Bless you and rest well now Soldier. You've earned it. (a navy wife)" "
396 weeks ago.
Becky army mama
"God bless his kids he is such a hero and i'm sure his kids are real proud of him."
397 weeks ago.
"Graditude from my husband and I...your sacrifice....your life for mine...for our country....thank you"
397 weeks ago.
D Foster
"Thank you and God Bless! www.myspace.com/dfostermusic America's New Artist Music"
397 weeks ago.
397 weeks ago.
J. T. Greene, III
"You don't know me. But, I would like to take the time and thank you for serving us (the people) and your country. Thank you. And it is a privalege to write this to you, sir. God speed!"
397 weeks ago.
An Army Mom
"God Bless you and your family, I also have 2 girls and it is my son over in Iraq now. Their dad is a true hero. Girls I hope someday it will get easier for you to deal with the loss of your father. You are a True Hero Airborne All The Way!!!!!!"
397 weeks ago.
Brenda Pound
"From My family to yours and you Thankyou for your sacrifice for OUR COUNTRY !!!!!!!!!!GOD BLESS "
397 weeks ago.
Dian Foster
"You are in Gods hands now. May you rest peacefully. Thank you so very much for being there for us."
397 weeks ago.
"Yes, the ultimate HERO!!! Worthy to be remembered!"
397 weeks ago.
"Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice, Sir. I never knew you personally, but, I would just like to say "Thank You" on behalf of myself, my family, my church, and my community. Rest In Peace."
397 weeks ago.
Ian Read
"Thank you, you gave the ultimate sacrifice for free people the world over, with the rising of the sun and the setting of the sun, we will remember them. Father of a serving UK soldier in Iraq."
399 weeks ago.

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