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CPL Brandon Schroeder

CPL Brandon Schroeder

Posted By: Amanda Boss on August 29, 2007, 11:08 am   Delete  |  Edit

Brandon is currently deployed. He will be returning November 2007.

"Hey Brandon. I went to school with Amanda. She has said so many great things about you. Come back safe and take great care of her!!!!"
407 weeks ago.
Your One and only!!
"I created this page so friends and family could leave you little notes telling you how much they love and miss you.... I cant wait for your return!!! I miss you like crazy...But things will be amazing when you get home!! Love you forever & always, Amanda Michelle"
407 weeks ago.
"Hey Brandon. I don't know you but live here in ocenaside. My boyfriend is out with you. I made friends with Amanda, and can't wait to meet the both of you in November. You guys watch out for each other! Take Care"
407 weeks ago.
"Hey Brandon. It's Amanda's bestie!! Hope you're doing well... She talks so highly of you! Im driving down with her in November, ROAD TRIP! So I finally get to meet ya before the wedding. LOL. Take care bud!! Im taking care of your girl, no worries!! "
407 weeks ago.

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