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Post anyone that has served in the U.S. Military past or present.
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james mealer

james mealer

Posted By: sandra(mom) on April 22, 2007, 8:20 pm   Delete  |  Edit

my son is a very special guy he survied being blown up be an i e d back in september 06..

James Mealer
"I'm proud a soldier like that has my name! The troops are a Godsend and I respect thank every last one of them. "
348 weeks ago.
Jessica Dreier
"Thank you for everything you do! www.myspace.com/jessorca"
370 weeks ago.
"God Bless you and we are praying for all of our Military people. thank you."
374 weeks ago.
"I don't know you but I wanted you to know that I am proud of you and what you represent. God speed soldier. Be safe and thank you for your service. (a navy wife)"
385 weeks ago.
"God Bless and THankyou!"
387 weeks ago.
Tommi Ann
"Thanks for bein so brave!!! xoxo"
387 weeks ago.
Sarah F.
"Thank you for your service."
393 weeks ago.
"l keep all in prayers all the time and more"
394 weeks ago.

"God Bless you!!! You are in my prayers, thank you for everything you do for myself and the rest of the world! Not only are your sacrafices felt at home, but they are also known in another country. God Speed!"
394 weeks ago.
Stephanie Crawford
"I'm glad you made it through the blast and stayed strong! My heart goes out to you and the other soldiers there witnessing the most awful things. Keep you buddies safe over there!"
396 weeks ago.
Richard Smith
"As a vietnam veteran I appreciate this young man and all of the Military serving their country. They are special in todays world. Where would this country be without them?"
399 weeks ago.

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