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Spc. Matthew Jenkins

Spc. Matthew Jenkins

Posted By: Wife, Kelli Jenkins on May 7, 2007, 10:06 am   Delete  |  Edit

This is my husband giving our two week old daughter a kiss before leaving for Iraq.

"Thank you for everything you do for our country! You are truly a hero!"
365 weeks ago.
"thank you for all you do!!!!!"
365 weeks ago.
"I'm so proud of my son-in-law and daughter, she keeps Matt encouraged and their precious daughter safe and remembering her Daddy. Can't wait to see them together and a family. Come home Matt, I pray everyday for you. Love ya"
397 weeks ago.
""Thank you for your service. May your time there go by quickly. Take care & God bless! - Joy, Proud Army Wife""
405 weeks ago.
"Thank you for you service and everything you do! ~Vickie Proud Army GF~"
405 weeks ago.
Chelsea Terwilliger
"This is a beautiful picture! I wish you and your family the best and hope Matthew comes home safe. Thank you for doing what you do! Love, an American citizen."
408 weeks ago.

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