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Spc Anthony Maynard

Spc Anthony Maynard

Posted By: Susan - Mom on November 28, 2007, 5:05 pm   Delete  |  Edit

This is my son Anthony. He has recently completed his 15 month tour in Iraq and is back at Ft. Drum. Thanks to all of you for your well wishes and prayers while he was there.

Wanda Rogers
"Thank you brave soldier for all that you have done. My prayers are with you were ever you go in life."
355 weeks ago.
Thank you...get back
"It's because of people like you that we enjoy our freedom. Know that you are loved and cherished by family and strangers. May God be with you and may you come back home safely to your loved ones. Here's where you can find me: myspace.com/zip90210. I just learned last Thursday I'll be playing opposite Robert De Niro...I am very excited. I just want to give something back and tell you I love you for your selfless service."
379 weeks ago.
"Aloha from Texas! The Dallas Cowboys just won tonight against the Redskins. In a few days (Thursday), we'll gather round our family tables to Thank God for our blessings and you will be one of the prayers I send out on Thanksgiving wishing you a safe, swift return. Thank you for your service to the country and many well wishes. pikake1026@yahoo.com"
380 weeks ago.
"Thank you for everything and all the sacrifices you are making hugsssssss"
380 weeks ago.
Nellie Espinosa
"May the Lord Bless you Anthony, keep you and shine His face upon you and give you His peace. thank you Anthony for being our hero."
389 weeks ago.
"Hello, Anthony. I pray that you will be blessed with safety and come home to your family. Your sacrifice is truly appreciated. Jesus bless you, soldier. Jacqueline"
390 weeks ago.
"Hugs from an appreciative Mom in Georgia. God bless."
395 weeks ago.
"Anthony, I don't know you but I wanted you to know that I am proud of you and what you represent. God speed soldier. Be safe and thank you for your service. (a navy wife)"
395 weeks ago.
"May God bless you today and until you come hope safe to your family and us. thansk you for keeping us safe. national park, NJ"
395 weeks ago.
"Thank you for your service. Be safe... God Bless You"
396 weeks ago.
Proud Army Mom
"Thank You!!! Praying for you and everyones safe return, God Bless You and keep you safe. HOOAH!!!"
396 weeks ago.
"Thank-You and God Bless You. I am praying for your safe return home"
396 weeks ago.
Sue Carlisle
"Thanks for going where no man (or woman) should have to go, and doing what you have to do. Peace unto you and yours."
396 weeks ago.
"Anthony--You (and your mom) are always in my prayers. Come home safely and make your mom smile! Thank you for what you do! We are so proud of you! Love, One of your "Boomer Bistro Aunts" "
396 weeks ago.
PFC Johnston
"god bless you and all others helping. we all look forward to your safe return. Hooah!"
396 weeks ago.
"Your in are prayers, and always in are thoughts!!!!!!!Stay safe and know your loved. ~~hugs Samantha~~"
397 weeks ago.
AMy Jezylo
"AN AMERICAN THANK YOU for all you have done ...GOD BLESS YOU & ALL OUR TROOPS...."
397 weeks ago.
" hey tony i don't know why i picked your name or pic just keep safe be careful and watch your back i served 2 yrs. reg. and 8 yrs in the Ky. Nat. guard i found out about this site through my friend Tonya she has a son in Afganastan serving right now his name is jacob uhl thank you so much "
402 weeks ago.
Sarah F.
"Thank you for your service."
403 weeks ago.
" i look up to you!! When im old enough i will join the millitary and people like you is what keeps me going, actually i live in watertown which is right near Ft. Drum which is were 10th mountain is from. COME BACK SAFE I WILL KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS!!"
404 weeks ago.
"l keep all of in prayers"
404 weeks ago.
"Thanks for your time and service for our country. May God be at yourside always!"
405 weeks ago.
Alain DeWitt
"Dear Sir, stay safe and come home soon. Thanks for your service!"
406 weeks ago.
Deb Schulz
"My son is also 10th Mtn Div in Iraq. THANK YOU for all you are doing for us. We appreciate you back at home. We pray for you soldiers everyday for a safe return home. God Bless You, Anthony. From Kentucky we are PROUD of YOU!"
406 weeks ago.
"=] Good Job my fiancee and dad are in the army and stationed at Fort Drum also...Thanks you soooooooo much you guys are wonderful."
406 weeks ago.
Stephanie Crawford
"Good luck and come back home safe and sound! Thank you for being a soldier~"
406 weeks ago.

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