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SGT Andrew Caine Perkins (K.I.A.)

SGT Andrew Caine Perkins (K.I.A.)

Posted By: Elizabeth Perkins on April 22, 2007, 7:08 pm   Delete  |  Edit

I miss you son with all of my heart and soul. You always said, dad you are my hero, but son, you are my HERO. I love you and think of you all the time. I miss your calls, your voice, hugs, smile, the love that you gave to everyone. You did your best son to save lives. You could have easily said this soldier is not helpable, but that was not you. You were always helping others. This was your nitch in life the Army. I am a very proud American dad. The entire USA is proud of you. Thank you son for doing such a fine job in Iraq. I will always miss you my friend, my son, and my life. Love Dad

Ryan Baker
"Brother you are gone but will never be forgotten. Im honored to have called you my friend and have served beside you. Always looking out for those who needed help. You are a true American hero."
80 weeks ago.
anita ellis
" my heart go out to the family of this hero and you will always be in my family's prayers."
372 weeks ago.
376 weeks ago.
Marine Mom in KY
"You are a HERO to all of us. Thank you for protecting me and my family. "
385 weeks ago.
"I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are what I call, the true Hero. God Bless you and rest well now Soldier. You've earned it. (a navy wife)" "
396 weeks ago.
"Oh wow! Thank you for raising such a nice ,strong brave man thats all I can say to you there is nothing that can make the pain go away."
397 weeks ago.
"Your in are prayers, and always in are thoughts!!!!!!!Stay safe and know your loved. ~~hugs Samantha~~"
398 weeks ago.
Ian Read
"Thank you, you gave the ultimate sacrifice for free people the world over, with the rising of the sun and the setting of the sun, we will remember them. Father of a serving UK soldier in Iraq."
400 weeks ago.
Sarah F.
"I am so so sorry for your loss. Your son will never be forgotten, God Bless you and your family and always know your son is a true American hero."
404 weeks ago.
"l keep you all in prayers sorry about your loss"
405 weeks ago.
SGT Jackie Cox
"Godbless you and your family for the lost of your son. I leave for my third tour in Dec. Ijust wanted to let you know that my prays are with you and your lost is felt by all of us who serve. Again godBless you and your family. SGT Cox 25thID "
406 weeks ago.
Danielle USAF Wife
"Rest in peace. Thank you for your service, you will NEVER be forgotten!"
406 weeks ago.
Jen Meir
"I lit a candle for you and prayed for a long time on your birthday. I still can't believe you are gone. We miss you! You are and always will be a Hero. Thanks for all the great times and memories! "
406 weeks ago.
Teresa Kloster
"We will never be able to express our thanks to all of the great heros out there,My heart goes out to your family(proud army mom from upstate ny). God Bless You "
407 weeks ago.
Stephanie Crawford
"Thank you for putting yourself aside and serving our nation. We truly are grateful and deeply saddened by the loss of another great soldier. My heart goes out to your family who will continue to hear your voice in their hearts. I'm glad for the joy and love you brought them while you were with them~"
407 weeks ago.

"My family will never be able to give enough thanks to this soldier or his family. May God Bless them, and keep them in his hands."
408 weeks ago.
Charles Turner
""""Thank you for your service!!!"You are a true HERO god bless your family for the scrifice you made!!!!" I have a son medavc pilot CW2 Turner serving his 2nd tour in Iraq.""
409 weeks ago.
Lynda Webster
"We are honored and humbled by the sacrifice made by Sgt Perkins. God bless his family. He will not be forgotten. (proud Marine/WIA mom from TN)"
410 weeks ago.

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