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Post anyone that has served in the U.S. Military past or present.
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PFC. Michael J. Taylor

PFC. Michael J. Taylor

Posted By: 11bravo mom on February 16, 2009, 2:33 pm   Delete  |  Edit

This is my Youngest son who serves with the U.S. Army Infantry out of FT. Lewis, Wa. Michael served in Iraq for 1 yrs. I love you my son and am so proud of you..You are my HERO!!!!

"Thank you so much for your service."
313 weeks ago.
Army Mama Becky
"I just left you a message I don't know why it did not leave my name."
313 weeks ago.

"Hello I am a friend of your Mom's on My Space. I am the Mother of two Army soldiers. I just want to say God bless you and keep you safe. You are a brave soldier. Thank you for serving our country."
313 weeks ago.
Danielle Van Dina
"Dear Michael, Not only are you your Mom's hero, America's hero, but you are MY hero. I admire the courage, strength and dedication you have for OUR Country. Thank you. And most importantly, thank you for being YOU!! Love and happiness always! Love, Danielle"
315 weeks ago.

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