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SGT Jon C. Phillips

SGT Jon C. Phillips

Posted By: Marianke Phillips (Spouse) on April 25, 2008, 12:23 am   Delete  |  Edit

My husband has been serving in the US Army since 1997. I am so very proud of him, what he does and what he stands for. He is my soulmate! Jon has served in Bosnia in 1998, right before it was declared Peace. He has served in Germany for 4 years, and in Iraq during OIFII where he received the Bronze Star Medal for getting his soldiers save out of a very bad fight against insurgents. That is the day that, during his mission, he yelled he was going to marry me, and asked me to marry me two days later on his knees, in his barrack in Baghdad in front of his webcam. We have been now married for 3 happy and awesome years! I couldn't be happier! We have not had the blessing of being parents yet, but God will bless us with an Army Brat one day! We have faith in that! I support my husband the full 100% in where he goes and what he does, and myself contribute to the US Army, by having lead Army Family Readiness and being certified to teach Army Family Team Building. All to keep the Army Family sane during deployments! Jon, I am so PROUD OF YOU! You ROCK! No, even better; YOU ROCK MY WORLD!

janke de vries
"he's my son in law and i'm so very proud of him. "
340 weeks ago.
"Thank You for your service!"
357 weeks ago.
Army Mama Becky
"That was such a cool story about the two of you. God bless and hope you have alot of children."
357 weeks ago.
"We are lucky to have dedicated men like him protecting our country. He deserves our gratitude."
358 weeks ago.
"I love you darling! Keep being Army Strong! You ARE doing an awesome job! I admire you for what you do and what you stand for! See you home soon! :)"
358 weeks ago.

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