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Cpl Dan

Cpl Dan

Posted By: Proud Mom and Dad on October 11, 2007, 5:44 pm   Delete  |  Edit

We are so proud of our son who is currently deployed. Please come home safely!

"The Count down begins!! Love you!"
369 weeks ago.
"Congratulations on the promotion! I love you and miss you!"
386 weeks ago.
A friend
"Dan we are all proud of what you are doing and who you are become as a person. We are praying for your safe return every day. Hope to see you soon."
387 weeks ago.
Reichelt Family
"Hi Dan, I open this web site and see that fun loving guy. Keep up the good work and thank God for young men like you to keep our Country safe and one that we are all proud of. We pray for you and everyone else who is there."
392 weeks ago.
Sharon Purcell
"Hi Dan! You don't know me but I work with your Mom at Crone Middle School!! She BRAGS about you, your brother, and of course all her kids!!! She's SOOOOOO "flipping proud" as we all are and we DO APPRECIATE all your efforts!! Just come home safely to your Loving Parents!!! SOOOOOOOON OK!!! Sincerely, Sharon Purcell"
394 weeks ago.
"Thank you for choosing to protect our country unconditionally. You are making the USA a better place to live. Thanks again soldier. Be safe and God speed. We will be waiting with open arms. (a proud navy wife)"
395 weeks ago.
"Stay safe and will be looking forward to seeing your when you return home. My prayers are with you. Thank you and all the members of your troop for what you are doing"
395 weeks ago.
"What's going on big dawg?! Stay safe...you owe me a round of pool!! Keep looking out for #1, and be sure not to step in #2!!"
395 weeks ago.
Laurie Simmons
"Dan, Thank you for your commitment! You are making a difference in this world everyday. I pray for you and your fellow Marines. God Bless you!"
395 weeks ago.
Uncle Brian
"God will bless you; Dan. I'm proud you chose the Marines & what you stand for. I'm praying for you, Drew & Travis every morning on the long drive to work. Remember that if you get an untrusting feeling in any given situation ....... then don't. Come back in the same condition you went over in!!!!"
396 weeks ago.
Aunt Pam
"Dan, Love Ya, Love Ya, Love Ya! My heart is always with you and your in every prayer. See you soon!"
396 weeks ago.
The Lochner Family
"Hi Dan. Our thoughts and prayers are with you each day! Stay safe...hydrate...take it one day at a time...Hell's Bells...Godspeed! See you soon!"
396 weeks ago.
Marla Contos
"Dan we are all very proud of you. We keep ypu in our prayers all the time. Look forward, look behind, left and right. Believe that you will always be in God's sight. I'll watch over mom at work. Love ya,proud of ya!!!!!"
396 weeks ago.
"Dan.. Stay safe. Thanks for choosing to fight for our country. Your my hero! Come home safe!"
396 weeks ago.
"Thanks Dan for your commitment to the MARINES especially in the times we're in. Keep your head down, count on the guys to your left and right. Let us take care of things at home while you take care of us."
396 weeks ago.
"Danny Jo ~ Wow, it seems like overnight you went from a cute, fun-lovin' little boy to a brave young man. Your dedication to our country is greatly appreciated and I wish you the best in your military career. Stay safe and hopefully we'll see you next year at your wedding!"
396 weeks ago.
"Dan...We all are so proud of you: one of the few, the proud, the Marines. We thank you for believing in what you do, which allows us to have this life that we do here in the states. THANK YOU!!! Stay safe from harms way. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always! "
396 weeks ago.
"Dan, we miss you and pray for you everyday. I'm very proud of you. Stay safe."
396 weeks ago.
"Dan stay safe and be safe. and rember ducking is your best freind. we all love you dan. god bless you"
396 weeks ago.
Uncle Scott
"Dan, We are all very proud of you and what you stand for. Our hearts and prayers are with you always. Please stay safe, and come back home to Mel, your mom and dad, Drew, Morgan, Tyler, and everyone else. "
396 weeks ago.
Aunt Colette
"Dan... I love You ...Please stay safe. We are so PROUD OF YOU!!!!Can't wait until you come home. Semper Fi"
396 weeks ago.
"Stay safe Dan, it's your turn to buy lunch....God Bless you!"
397 weeks ago.

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