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Anthony J. Theriot

Anthony J. Theriot

Posted By: Susan Nierling Mom on July 25, 2007, 5:00 pm   Delete  |  Edit

My son AJ is currently serving in Baghdad, Iraq with the 1st Cavalry Special Troops Battalion. He is 20 years old and the most amazing son!

"Another Proud Army Mom, My son Mitch spoke with you on phone, he graduates July 3, Thank you for giving him a heads up. I am very proud of you both, we have raised true men and God will Bless and Honor your efforts. Thank you for being our protectors and the others you Bless in your service to God and Country"
354 weeks ago.
"Hey AJ!! Hope all is well with you. We are all looking forward to you getting back here. You are in all of our prayers. Stay safe. Don't forget We All Love You!!"
388 weeks ago.
"Hi Anthony...I am a myspace friend of your mom and also a proud army mom and my son is also in Iraq..We all keep each other going waiting for our sons and daughters to come home..God bless you and thank you for serving our country..Stay Safe..Stay Proud...Come home safe..we love all of you and we are all so very proud...hugs"
388 weeks ago.
Jamie B
"Hey there! Ur mom gave me this website so i could leave you a comment lol..you know we are all so proud of you for what you're doing & we're praying for you every single day! You better come home safe to us all! And soon! haha Be safe & i love you! "
393 weeks ago.
Maria G~ (MilitaryWi
"Hi. Just a Proud Army Wife.. wanted to stop in and Say Hello. Stay safe and hope you have a Speedy return back to the states. You are in my Prayers. Take care and God Bless."
393 weeks ago.
"I think he must have gotten those awesome good looks from his Mamma!!!"
393 weeks ago.
"AJ, all of us from Hooah Moms are so proud of you! Thanks for serving!"
393 weeks ago.
THE girl.
"I love you. Come home safe. I'm proud of you."
394 weeks ago.
PFC AJ Theriot
"Man this guy is one sexy maldune!!!! Thank you all this means alot to me and Its my motivation when I get down! "
394 weeks ago.
"Thank you for choosing to protect our country unconditionally. You are making the USA a better place to live. Thanks again soldier. Be safe and God speed. We will be waiting with open arms. (a proud navy wife)"
395 weeks ago.
Brandy - an Army Mom
"Hello! I wanted to say thank you for your bravery and dedication to our country! You make a difference! "
395 weeks ago.
PROUD Army Mom Cindy
"AJ! I too am a myspace proud army mom friend of your moms! Thank you for your service! You are a true American Hero! God bless! "
396 weeks ago.
Aunt Di
"Calvary Scouts rock and rule as my cavscouts tell me. Like i always tell you head up soldier. You are a fine young man and everyone is in your corner. Much love and hugs from Bama!!! But if you want to finish up over ther a little early, then we won't be mad at cha. Take care"
397 weeks ago.
Phil Kuta
"A.J. You are assigned to the most elite unit the Army has although some will argue that point. I served in Viet Nam with the Cav and they brought me home. They'll bring you home safe as well. Your Mom should be proud . . . you are elite of the Army and you will carry the honor your entire life. Serve proud!"
397 weeks ago.
Sandra Kuta
"Hi A.J. Another my space friend of your Mom's showing you some love for all your hard work and dedication to Our Country. I admire your courage and dedication to the task at hand. Thanks for your commitment. "
397 weeks ago.
"We THANK YOU AJ remember we love you! Stay Safe! Come Home Safe to your family! thank You for Fighting For our FREEDOM!!!!!!"
397 weeks ago.
"ANTHONY, huh ? My son is an Anthony also... I am a MySpace friend to your mother... She is like me and many of my mom friends a "PROUND ARMY MOM" ! We Thank You for your Dedication, your Devotion and Willingness to serve "OUR COUNTRY", especially in this time of WAR ! We APPRECIATE YOU ! I pray that GOD will see to it you and the others COME HOME SAFE! HOOAH ! "
397 weeks ago.

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