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Post anyone that has served in the U.S. Military past or present.
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"Thank you both for choosing to protect our country Unconditionally. You are making the USA a better place to live. Thanks again soldiers. Be safe and God speed. (a proud navy wife)"
391 weeks ago.
Brandy - an Army Mom
"I met your mom on myspace! We are all so proud of you! I left another message, but did not include my name! Thanks for your service! Congrats on the marriage, and your new orders!"
391 weeks ago.
"Thank you for your service and congratulations on your marriage. Your mom has been very instrumental in keeping up with the Hooah Group. She is very proud of both of you. Thanks again and may god bless you! Proud Army Mom of Spc. Luna Carlos Jr."
391 weeks ago.
Susan Army Mom of AJ
"Hi Hugo & Amber, another Army Mom friend from Myspace here. Just wanted to give you my love and support. All us Mom's try to take care of each other and pray for all of our children so know you are loved and prayed for by the many loving Moms gathered together in the world of Myspace daily! PS Congrats on your wedding!"
392 weeks ago.
Proud Army Mom - Tob
"Thank both of you so much for choosing to serve our country and defend my freedom. Amber -- you are my daughter from another mother and I will always consider you part of my family -- that being said -- Hugo, you are part of our family also -- even though we have never met. Take care of Amber and both of you love each other unconditionally! Be safe and God bless you both!"
392 weeks ago.
PROUD Army Mom Cindy
"Amber and Hugo! Thank you both for your willingness to protect our country's freedom! You are both my heroes! God bless! Congratulations on the wedding!"
392 weeks ago.
"More than words can say...Your Courage...Your Dedication...Your Patriotism...Is appreciated each and every day. Thank you for upholding the nations pride. God Bless You!" "
392 weeks ago.
Proud mom of an Army
"Thanks for your service, and congratulations on the marriage!"
392 weeks ago.
Sandra Kuta
"Thank you for your service... HOOAH From Las Vegas"
392 weeks ago.
Fred Eisenhauer
"Thank both of you for serving. What a way to start out. From a Vietnam Vet in TN."
392 weeks ago.
Packages From Home
"Congrats on your wedding and thank you so much for your service to our country!"
393 weeks ago.
"You are both my heroes and I love you!"
393 weeks ago.

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