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PFC Max K. Verret

PFC Max K. Verret

Posted By: Maxine S. Verret (Mom) on April 22, 2007, 2:50 pm   Delete  |  Edit

PFC Verret is my only son. He chose to be in the United States Marine Corps. Max is very proud to be a Marine. He is my best friend (here on earth)and he is my Hero. I am very proud of him. OOHRAH!

"GOD bless you Max! Thank you for serving and defending our country and all of us in it!"
358 weeks ago.
Maria Santiago Puer
"Puerto Rico US Territory.... I know what is like to be a soldier.. MY Husband he was in the Marine Corps ten years ago. I am proud to all of you soldier who give your sacrifice to this country. Thank you so much and god bless you .. Stay strong !!!!!Maria a mother of a young Army Soldier"
381 weeks ago.
Marc Green
"Thank you for what you do! I pray to God that he delievers the most incredible blessings to you and your family. You are an amazing person for what you do and no words can express how much I appreciate what you do. The best I can do is say thank you, but please know there are tears and a heartfelt love that comes with those two little words. God Bless You! ~Marc "
396 weeks ago.
"Max, I don't know you but I wanted you to know that I am proud of you and what you represent. God speed soldier. Be safe and thank you for your service. (a navy wife)"
396 weeks ago.
"Fight hard devil dog... come home safe."
397 weeks ago.
"Thank you for everything you do for our country."
397 weeks ago.
"Thank you so much for serving our country. May God bless and keep you! "
397 weeks ago.
"What a great mother and son. My family has prayed everyday for your safe return home to your family. Thank you for protecting our country. What a fine young man you truely are! God bless you all.You are our hero!"
397 weeks ago.
J. T. Greene, III
"You don't know me. But, I would like to take the time and thank you for serving us (the people) and your country. Thank you. And it is a privalege to write this to you, sir. God speed!"
397 weeks ago.
Anthony M. Hernandez
"Your son is a brave man, Mrs. Verret. I'm not sure what my opinion means to you, as I am only in high school, with plans to join the Marines myself. It is the men like your son that preserve the greatness within them, and become true heroes in today's world. I thank you and him both."
397 weeks ago.
John Osmon
"Every day my sons and I think about you guys doing your best to make this a better world for us. We salute you!! Thank You so much for the efforts you put forth that all to many of us take for granted. My band OU812 dedicates the song DREAMS to you all every gig. Fight the good fight, and stay safe."
398 weeks ago.
"Many People Spend A Lifetime Wondering if they Have Made a Difference. Marines Do Not Have That Problem. Regan 1985... Nuff said. Thanks for your service & Thanks for being a Marine"
398 weeks ago.
art j ramirez
"Lcpl Max Verret,you cut a handsome pose,Tiger! Just wish to acknowledge your courage and loyalty for and to our great country. And yes, I agree with you Marine: "There are worse things than wounds or death!" You ARE the Marine Corps! Damn proud of you,too. I remain semper fidelis, A.J. Ramirez USMC\Sgt(ret.)'67-'70 "
399 weeks ago.
" I to was a Marine served in the vietnam conflict, and became D/V from that same war. It is sad that soldiers, and marines have to die for what we call freedom; which don't come easy. But i am very proud to have served in that great organization. " SIMPER FI " May god bless you my beloved. Thank you."
404 weeks ago.
Sarah F.
"Thank you for your service."
404 weeks ago.

"You are a special breed . We appreciate the courage and sacrifices you give to our country . Semper Fi Brother !"
405 weeks ago.
Viet Nam Vet.
405 weeks ago.
" l am keep you guys over there in my prayers all day and time "
405 weeks ago.
"As a mother of a soldier, i have to thank you for your service and dedication to this country. thanks for all that you do for us all. take care and God Bless!!!!"
405 weeks ago.
paula (uk)
"from one mum to another... god bless your son, and may angels keep him safe. your heart must be over flowing with pride!!! blessings xx"
406 weeks ago.
Phillis Beck
"With out men and women like you our country would not be safe. Thank you and may God Bless you. "
407 weeks ago.
Stephanie Crawford
"I wish all the best to him, thank him for his service, and hope he continues to stay safe wherever he is~"
407 weeks ago.
Charles Turner
""Thank you for your service!!! And God bless our prayers are with you. I have son on his 2and tour in Iraq, loving husband, proud father of 1, one hell of a pilot, part of the "BEST" MEDVAC group around 2-227 AVN REGT." Also my only son. "
409 weeks ago.

"As a Vietnam Veteran I am also proud of your son. Please pass on to him that America thanks him for serving his country. We Veterans appreciate his giving so much of himself. THANK YOU mAX! "
410 weeks ago.
Linda Rouse
"I know that you must be very proud of your son. I am proud of him too and very thankful to have him protecting our nation. May God bless him with His shield of protection. Blessigs, Linda"
410 weeks ago.

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